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Mr Sun:

Sharing of rapid recovery from an open chest surgery

I have been taking lessons in meditation and internal martial art at Wudang Academy since 2011.  After practising a few months, I felt a lot more relaxed after meditation. I really enjoy meditating at Wudang Academy which has a specially designed area with bamboo and agate for energy elevation.  I was feeling stronger physically and spiritually. But in November 2019, I was in critical condition due to sudden genetic congenital heart valve calcification, and needed a traditional open chest surgery. The scar was 18 cm long.  The rehabilitation period of such a major surgical operation is generally more than 20 days.  However, I was discharged in just seven days and I could drive to work normally without pain.  Maybe it was because I have meditating religiously for many years even though I am almost seventy years old.  (Note: The photo was taken twenty days after the operation)


Cardiovascular diseases and wisdom

In 2010, I had a sudden myocardial infarction, and heart function was impaired by 7% and was very serious. After the cardiovascular stent operation, I stayed in the ICU for two days, since then I have to take aspirin every day and I became very weak and pale.  In the same year, I started to have Taichi and Meditation lessons in Wudang Academy. Very soon my body was gradually recovering and returning to the physical condition of more than ten years ago.  Since then there was no more problems with my heart.  I also found that my memory and judgment ability has been greatly improved. It is fair to say that Wudang Meditation can enhance my wisdom.


Wudang Taichi Internal Elixir and radiotherapy

I am responsible in managing a headhunting company and work under great pressure.  I was diagnosed with cancer in early 2019, after surgery, I had over 30 radiotherapy sessions and I became very weak.  Fortunately, a friend introduced me to Wudang Academy to have Taichi and Meditation lessons.  After half a year, my physical condition improved significantly.  Before I can only sleep for four hours a day but now I sleep much better and longer.  Also I have been taking medication for constipation for over 20 years and it is not necessary anymore. I am grateful to every one in Wudang Academy and I am having a new chapter in my life.


Sharing on improving cardiovascular disease and joint pain

In 2012, I performed a routine medical check-up. One of my carotid arteries in my heart was blocked by 40%.  After practising Wudang Taichi Chuan for nine months, my cardiovascular obstruction was reduced to less than 20%. In addition, after practising Wudang Internal Martial Art for two years, my right wrist which was numb and weak for more than 20 years was fully recovered.  Since then I have been practising Taichi diligently in the Wudang Academy and now I am a volunteer instructor.


Severely stiff joints improvement

During a trip in 2018, I had a fall accident and fractured my right wrist which required two months of plaster cast.  After removing the cast, the entire right palm and wrist were very stiff, and the fingers could not be flexed.  Although I was treated with physical therapy once a week, the progress is not satisfactory.  Fortunately, I have always been practising Wudang Taichi and found out that many of the movements were carefully designed and the joints in my forearm were stretched in the process.  Now my right hand can move freely and I enjoy practising Wudang Taichi everyday.


Fatty liver improvement

I started to practise Wudang Tai Chi in 2017, and before that I was not interested in any sports.  After six months, I began to feel better physically and mentally. Each time after Taichi lesson I feel energised for a few days and my general health has gradually improved in the past three years. Last year, my physical check up did not show any fatty liver condition.  All other health indexes were normal. Surprisingly my grey hair gradually has becoming black again.


Sharing on Improving Immunity and Sleep Quality

For the last twenty years I have been working under extreme pressure, suffering from insufficient sleep with poor quality.  As a result, my immune system was very weak and easily short of breath.  Since 2018, I began my Taichi and Meditation lessons at the Wudang Academy,

after practising for about three months, my body and mind becoming more relaxed and the sleep quality improved.  Most important of all, my immunity has improved significantly and I no longer have flu easily. 


Video sharing


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