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1. Practising Taichi can be effective against pneumonia?

Sure can!  The following research result provides scientific evidence:

In 2018, a well-known respiratory disease expert in China Professor Zhong Nanshan led a team of experts to release the latest clinical study of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: practising Tai Chi is equivalent to traditional convalescent exercise for pulmonary diseases.  Taichi often has a crouching posture which exercises the muscles of the lower limbs and improves breathing, so it can effectively alleviate the shortness of breath.  

Professor Zhong Nanshan in February 2020: Taichi can improve our immunity (Taichi good remedy)


2. Will Taichi hurt my knee?

No, as long as you observe the following:

  • Your knees should never go beyond the end of your toes
  • If the thigh muscles are not strong, avoid crouching down too low
  • Maintain good ankle flexibility and allow proper footwork shifts
  • The width of the stride must be comfortable and natural according to practician’s ability
  • Shoes worn during practice must provide good support and with proper friction

    3. Taichi is slow, dull and simple. Is it only suitable for the elderly?

    No! This is a common misconception.

    • The movements of Wudang Taichi are diverse and continuous, like the movement of cloud and water, however, at the same time as stable as a mountain.  It is not simple!
    • When practisingWudang Taichi, you need to relax physically and mentally. You should not tense up your muscles too much. No other ordinary sports are comparable
    • At high level Wudang Taichi, you must have tranquility in your mind similar to meditation and express it in your movements

      4. Does Taichi prevent brain degeneration?

      Absolutely!  It is because:

      • Movements in most sports are simple, symmetrical and repetitive. Wudang Taichi requires high level of flexibility and coordination

      • The movements are slow but highly balanced, require a lot of mental activities for controlling various muscles.  As a result, increase blood circulation in the brain so that the onset of brain degeneration will be delayed

      • When practising Wudang Taichi, your body and mind need to be totally relaxed while focusing on the continuous gentle movements. That will bring tranquility to the mind and stimulates the body to secrete a variety of hormones that are essential to activate brain cells in order to achieve the effect of prolonging life.

      In the official website of Harvard University, there is a special report recommends that Taichi is the perfect exercise for mankind. It has significant effects on promoting health.














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